Little Johnny the Movie on iTunes

Little Johnny the Movie is now available worldwide on iTunes to rent or buy If you like the movie please write a review and let your friends know.        

Little Johnny the Movie – Spanking

Little Johnny - Spanking

And whose magazine do we REALLY think it is?

Little Johnny the Movie – Porky

Little Johnny - Porky

Find out why Little Johnny calls his dog Porky.

Little Johnny the Movie – Golden Axe

Little Johnny - Golden Axe

To Celebrate the release of the DVD and Blu-ray we have released the Golden Axe scene from Little Johnny the Movie.  The movie is based on Little Johnny jokes

Movie Night Tour Begins

Most people when asked where they heard their first Little Johnny jokes say “at the Pub” or “at the Footy Club” so we’re bringing Little Johnny jokes home with the Little Johnny Movie Night Tour. This Tour starts next Wednesday May 25th at The Northwood Ale House in Mirrabooka in Perth with a special introduction by Kevin Bloody Wilson. Tickets are selling fast and if you don’t want to miss out call 08 9344 5050    


“I’ve got blisters on my fingers!” Paul McCartney during the recording of Helter Skelter. During my school years I was the kid at the back of the class who was either looking out the window, day dreaming, or sketching in my notebooks and doing lots of flip book animation.  Usually things like an arrow going through some poor guys head or spaceships firing lasers in space combat. I used my pocket money to buy drawing materials and worked part-time jobs to buy oil paints. I painted landscapes and sunsets and all those things that sweet little old ladies would like

Little Johnny the Movie Trailer

Little Johnny The Movie Trailer

Here is the trailer for the movie based on Little Johnny jokes, Little Johnny the Movie.  The songs in the trailer are two of the original songs written for the movie by Kevin Bloody Wilson.

Little Johnny – Stills 4

We hope you enjoy this weeks collection of images from Little Johnny the Movie – some fun ones.

Little Johnny – Stills 3

Some more pictures from Little Johnny the Movie

Little Johnny – Home Alone

LJ teaser April 1-poster

Little Johnny gets a visit from the Mormon’s while he’s home alone.