Little Johnny – A Love Song

Little Johnny - A Love Song

Just in time for Valantine’s Day comes a Little Johnny Love song called Girl Germs written by Kevin Bloody Wilson

Little Johnny – Stills 2

Some more images from Little Johnny the Movie with the voices of Genevieve Morris, Bev Killick and Kevin Bloody Wilson as Uncle Kev.

The Cast & Character Design

“I think, therefore I am…” 2D hand painted cell animation is a dying art form and I lament its passing. There is a beauty to the dancing lines of characters animated by hand that evolves from macro nuances in the drawing process from sketching through to inking in the lines and eventually the colours in the paint.  These almost imperceptible changes  from one drawing usually only become apparent when viewed at speed and little pops and shimmers and shakes occur, it is not and never was an exact science. However those same quirks also bring life to the animation, a

Little Johnny – Stills 1

As we get closer to finishing the movie we are releasing a selection of images from the Movie. We will be releasing more images over the next month or two. Enjoy.

Little Johnny World & The Art of Backgrounds

‘With art, always with begin with truth’ When one thinks of the classics of animation, whether it be Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ 1940, ‘Pinnochio’ 1940 or the wonderfully crazy the Looney Toons shorts from the 50′s or even the Japanese Studio Gibhli films like the stunning, ‘Grave Of The Fireflies’ 1988 or ‘Spirited Away’ 2001, their success as motion pictures  is inexplicably tied to their design. There is a ‘look’ we often remember, sometimes without being able to put a finger on the precise detail. Perhaps it’s the delicate water colour backgrounds of Pinnochio or the striking angular style of the dragon

Little Johnny – Letter to Santa

Little Johnny - Letter to Santa

Scene from the movie based on Little Johnny from Little Johnny jokes.  In this clip our hero tries to get a few things straight with Santa. Movie opens April 1st at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Approach

W.C. Fields once said, ‘Never work with animals or Children’ We ruled out a live action approach at the very beginning and decided that an animated feature would best suit the screenplay. Problem is, when you say animation the common perception is high end 3D like the ‘Toy Story’ Franchise, Ice Age or Shrek. To even compete against those behemoths you need studio backing and for studio backing you have to present a product that is family safe so you can’t have a little kid running around saying fuck or shit or anything else like that and let’s face Little

Little Johnny – Stuttering Cat

Little Johnny - Stuttering Cat

Little Johnny has a stuttering cat, but Miss Prussy doesn’t believe him!

The Beginning of Little Johnny

Sometime in early 2006 Producer and long time collaborator, Dean Murphy, asked me if I’d ever heard of Little Johnny Jokes. I confessed that I am probably the world’s worst Joke teller but I am, indeed, a good joke listener! So he told me one and it went something like this. Little Johnny’s parents are talking at the breakfast table about how fed-up they are with Little Johnny and his brother swearing all the time. They decide the next time the children swear, that they are going to administer a bloody good spanking. At that moment, Little Johnny’s younger brother

Little Johnny On The Way

We are all very excited to be a part of our feature length animation, Little Johnny the Movie and cannot wait to have you all in stitches of laughter on its release in April 2011. Little Johnny the Movie is a mocumetary based on Litte Johnny (from Little Johnny Jokes). Thats right, Little Johnny is a real kid, with a real big personality. With voice talent including Genevieve Morris (Voice of Little Johnny) and Kevin Bloody Wilson (Voice of Uncle Kev), it really is set to be a cracker of a movie. Ralph Moser, Director of Little Johnny the Movie, has